Monday, December 26, 2011

hello world

I'm a food blogger!  When I talk to my mom on the phone, we usually talk about food.  We both have weird diets - I'm a vegetarian and she has celiac's disease - so we always share recipes that we come across that the other might like.  Usually those recipes come from food blogs that we peruse when we're hungry.  My favorite, as you may have guessed, is smitten kitchen, but I read a lot.

During our last conversation, while I was walking home from Christmas dinner at a friend's, my mom told me I should start a food blog.  And now I'm starting a food blog.  (I actually used to have a food blog, not about food I made, but about the German cafeteria food I ate that made me laugh.)  I don't have a schtick, and I'm an average cook.  My blog will probably be about the food I make and eat, from recipes featured by my favorite bloggers, in my kitchen with my macbook propped up on one burner of the stove.

By the way, Christmas dinner was hasselback potatoes with spinach-cashew pesto, and roasted vegetables with avocado on top of forbidden rice.  It was delicious.

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